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Customer Story- BH14 Boiler Service

Customer Story- BH14 Boiler Service

This is a photograph of a major boiler service that I carried out for a regular customer who lives Poole; BH14, near Whitecliff.  This man has been coming to us for his boiler services for years and his boiler is proof that getting a regular service is well worth it.    When he called us up, I booked his service for the time and date that he was comfortable with. In this case, it was a week from the call. When I arrived, I went to his boiler and stripped it down to make sure that all the components were functioning properly. I cleaned the parts, making sure that everything was complying with the Gas Safety Regulations including the flue and ventilation.    This newly cleaned boiler is now working perfectly. The whole process took 45 minutes, which caused minimal disruption to our customer. He was working from home and so just carried on as normal. I charged 120£ for this service, which is much less than certain repair services would cost, and definitely less than if he had to install a whole new boiler.   He was happy with the service and I booked him in for another one next year.
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