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Customer story – boiler repair, BH12

On Friday 19th March, I had a call out from the McDonald’s on Mannings Health Road, BH12 at 10am. They had no hot water. On investigation, it was discovered that there were several areas where electrical components had failed.

When looking at the bronze pump and main 3 phase elements in the cylinder, i realised it had no power to it. Due to the 3 phase element having 415 volts, I had to get an electrician in to inspect this component. This electrical connection had failed and had tripped over components in the process. We managed to get the system working, tested and left in order. The process took 5 hours.

However, on Saturday afternoon around 1600, I received a call from the store saying the hot water had failed again.
When I arrived at McDonald’s on Sunday Morning at 0900 hrs; there was still no hot water. The inspections of all trips switches were fine. The element had tripped inside the cylinder again. I reinstated the power and told the store to keep checking it. We called the store around 11 which they reported the hot water was maintaining temperature. I left in order- it took 1 hour.

I then had a call out to attend to no hot water again on Monday morning at McDonald’s Mannings Health. Obviously, we then thought we have an issue with the actual element but have decided to change the stats inside the element and see how we get on. If this does not work then I will source a price for changing the actual element. Tested and left after 3 hours.
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