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boiler service Bournemouth

Last week, we did another boiler service in Bournemouth, off Exeter Road. 

The couple were wanting to sell their house and realised they needed a boiler service for the new owners. There are many reasons that boilers need regular services. Firstly, is for peace of mind. Our customers wanted this when passing over their house to a new couple. They wanted to be able to provide them with a recent service certificate. This way, the owners would be assured that their heating and hot water would be reliable. 


The whole service took a few hours. We inspected the boiler first, looking out for leaks and any wear and tear. We remove the case to check all the parts like the heat exchanger, burner and spark probe. We then checked the flues. This is where we found a slight blockage. It was not a major problem but if this was left for much longer, a serious build-up could gather. This would mean a repair would be necessary. The couple was lucky they caught this early – and before the new homeowners moved in. Cleaning and checking all the parts of this boiler on a regular basis means that the life of the boiler is lengthened! 


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