Customer story, central heating service – BH14 in Parkstone

Customer story, central heating service – BH14 in Parkstone

One of my regular customers from BH14 in Parkstone called in about a problem with their underfloor heating. They noticed that in certain areas, their floors were not heating up as they would like. We made an appointment to come and take a look at their heating system and boiler for the next day. 

It turns out that their thermostat heads were leaking. 

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When I got to the property, it was obvious that this leak had caused a lack of pressure, which created failures to the underflooring heating system. I found the source of the leak by testing out each zone separately. When doing this, I discovered that there were quite a few areas that were leaking. Luckily, we got to the case before a more serious leak occurred and changed all the leaking thermostat heads. 

After the job was completed, I carried out a safety check to double-check that all parts of the thermostat were working efficiently. 

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