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Customer story, Power Flush and Boiler Service

These photos show the work I did for a customer in Sterte, BH15. They called me up wanting a power flush and boiler service. They were experiencing some issues with their radiator temperature. Their boiler installation was carried out by me about 3 years ago, so they contacted me again to help them out.

When describing their problem on the phone, I told them that a power flush is an excellent way to clear out the system and ensure that your central heating system is working effectively. We booked their service for the next day. 

When we arrived at the property, we got started on the boiler service. We took apart the casing of the boiler elements and inspected them. We cleaned the necessary parts and checked for any leakage – there were none. All the boiler parts seemed to be working well when we checked them for wear and tear. We then inspected the pipes for the power lush, there was a lot of build-up of sludge and so I knew that this was where their radiator issue was coming from. We did the power flush using Adey MC1 Central Heating System Protector. The sludge was removed so that their radiators were due to work perfectly again. The boiler service we provided gives them peace of mind knowing that there are no small issues with their boiler, and doing this regularly will guarantee to lengthen their boiler’s life