Gas Customer story – Gas Safety Check

I had a landlord inquiring about a gas safety check on March 18th. He was a new owner of a property in Poole, Sterte, BH15. The previous owners did not have a certificate of a gas safety check to hand and he was unsure about what to do. He wanted to ensure that his new tenants were safe in his home.

I told him that this was definitely the right thing to do. Landlords must have an annual gas safety check and it must be done by someone who has been gas safety registered. On the phone, we informed him of how much it would cost and was happy with the £60 quote we gave him. He was quite busy, so we booked it for 23rd March. 

When I got to the property we tested all the gas appliances to ensure that they were all operating safely and effectively. I gave him records of this process to reassure the future tenants. I filled him in on the necessity of getting this done annually and the risks that one faces if this is not done. 

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