Gas pipe repair – Canford Cliffs (BH13)

Gas pipe repair – Canford Cliffs (BH13)

Last week, I was called about a property in Canford Cliffs (BH13) where the gas pipe was sticking to the wall.  For this type of job, I always call in one of my business partners who owns a building company to help out with the building and construction elements. 

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When we got there, we went to locate the issue; lifting up the slabs and pavers and digging to reveal the footings. We cut the fittings and used a breaker to get the duct up against the brickwork. Then, we excavated to a depth of 470mm to allow the duct to sit at a level of 450mm below the finished floor level. After this, we excavated along the house for the length of 2.5m. After this, it came to the end of the day, so we lay down temporary cover to protect the open area overnight. 


The next day we came to continue the job. We lay duct and interested the gas pipe. Then we covered the end of the duct with foam on either side. The excavations were then filled back in and compacted every 200mm. We lay the bed of sharp sand and relay pavers. We filled the hole with cement slabs and put sand in the pavers. Everything would have been complete by this point, but my partner had to return the next day with a single brick to fill in the final whole. 

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