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Jodie MillerJodie Miller
13:17 06 Feb 22
Couldn't recommend Senior Plumbing and Heating and Dale enough. Every time I've had work done they've done a great job and never left anything out of place or in a mess. Punctual and professional at all times. If you need anything Senior Plumbing and Heating is your best option!!!
Sharon TaylorrSharon Taylorr
09:03 30 Jan 22
Senior Plumbing and Heating replaced the heating elements in my water tank today. Would highly recommend them. They have a wonderful professional attitude. I am so happy to have chosen them to do this job. A 5-star service deserves a 5-star rating!!!
Hailey MoralesHailey Morales
14:18 21 Jan 22
We have been enjoying our radiator central heating for over a week now. Dale and his team at Senior Plumbing and Heating did the installation. They did a great job, very friendly, kept us informed of what they were doing and kept everything neat and tidy.I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Senior Plumbing and Heating, if you're looking at installing radiators.
Elsa DorseyElsa Dorsey
12:28 11 Jan 22
Dale from Senior Plumbing and Heating have just finished installing our central heating with 7 radiators for my house and small apartment downstairs. They were very professional, tidy and went the extra mile. Thanks to Dale and his A team. Highly recommended.
Kieran WilsonKieran Wilson
09:08 25 Dec 21
Dale did a good job determining the best fit for our system replacement due to CO entering the air supply. Very knowledgeable and pointed out options that will save us money and keep us safe going forward. He also managed a next day installation to get our heat back on.


Heating Pump Installation

At Senior Plumbing and Heating, our engineers are specialists in the installations of central heating pumps and we work with reputable pump suppliers such as Grundfos.

The circulation pumps we install work by pressurizing the water and delivering it around the system. The pumps have a water inlet and outlet. The diameter of the inlet and outlet determine the flow rate of the water. We install pumps with pressure dials so you have control over how high or how low the pressure of your central heating system is. Depending on your property (Commercial, apartment or House) and the number of radiators you have, our engineers can set the optimal pressure that can provide you with consistent hot water without overrunning your utility bills.

Installing a heat pump also takes no time at all and a homeowner can expect benefits such as: 

heat pump

6M Heating Pump

This is a rotor pump and we mostly rely on Grundfos as their heating pumps are highly reliable and are a maintenance-free option. The pumps are of a canned rotor type and will heat up all the radiators, coils and cylinders. Installation of these pumps is generally easier and their simplicity in design allows for quick installation and upgrades. For improved circulation of heated water, the pump can vary its speed controls allowing for greater efficiency compared to other options. Grundfos 15/60 pumps go for 250 pounds plus V.A.T.

Secondary Hot Water Pumps

These are generally used for domestic hot water applications. Made out of bronze, these heating pumps will be of benefit to you if your taps, faucets etc. are a distance away from the heating cylinder and you notice you have to wait longer before you get any hot water. The bronze heating pumps, therefore, continuously pump the domestic hot water around the system and back to the domestic cylinder. These pumps go for £500

8M Heating Pump

These are pumps designed for larger houses particularly those with three stories going up. Again we opt for Grundfos as their 8-meter heating pumps ensure optimal efficiency with minimal energy consumption. These pumps automatically adjust performance but some Grundfos Pumps such as the Alpha 3 come with a Bluetooth option called the GO Remote App. The pumps typically operate at a 10bar pressure as a larger house requires more pressure compared to the 9 bar pressure in the 6-meter heating pumps. They are also bigger and have a heavier motor. These pumps go for 500 Pounds plus VAT.

Installation process

We start by switching off the power source to the pump to ensure the safety of everyone on the property. We also turn off the valve and we will inform you before doing this so we do not catch you or any other person unaware.
ball valves are designed to either allow a full water flow or prevent any water flow. The ball has a hole that prevents or allows water to flow through the hole. When issues develop, the flow could be in excess or no water is going through the hole.
We then drain the pump by unscrewing the bleed screw. As we detach the pump from the piping around, we reduce messes by having a bucket for the pump water to leak into.
Complete detachment of the old pump and fitting of the new pump can begin. The new pump can be Grundfos UPS3 Domestic pump or a UP15 – 10BUC5 Bronze Circulator Pump. These pumps are good for radiant heating and solar.
The first step when installing the new pump is securely connecting the pump’s seals to the valves ensuring there is no possibility of leakage.
We then run through all the valves and connections to test for any leakage. If we find any, we tighten the loose connections.

Next, we connect the pump to the main water supply and refill the heating system. Again, we check for leaks or any signs of leakage as they can cause electric shock or future problems with the boiler.

Once satisfied, we reattach the electrical connections we had disconnected earlier and switch on the electricity supply. We do a final sweep of the entire setup just to ensure everything is working correctly before we clean up any mess. We respect your property which is why we leave it how we found it.


Whether it’s heating, Gas or Boilers we’re here to help!


We treat your property with the utmost care ensuring no mess or dirt is left behind.



Our aftercare is as important and as professional as our installation.


Before leaving we will ensure you know how your new system works, handing over full documentation and manufacturer’s instructions.


No callout charge! Fast, reliable emergency callout service. We aim to be with you within the hour.