Water Tank Installation Bournemouth

Qualified & Compitent water softner instalaltion expert in Poole and Bournemouth.
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Jodie MillerJodie Miller
13:17 06 Feb 22
Couldn't recommend Senior Plumbing and Heating and Dale enough. Every time I've had work done they've done a great job and never left anything out of place or in a mess. Punctual and professional at all times. If you need anything Senior Plumbing and Heating is your best option!!!
Sharon TaylorrSharon Taylorr
09:03 30 Jan 22
Senior Plumbing and Heating replaced the heating elements in my water tank today. Would highly recommend them. They have a wonderful professional attitude. I am so happy to have chosen them to do this job. A 5-star service deserves a 5-star rating!!!
Hailey MoralesHailey Morales
14:18 21 Jan 22
We have been enjoying our radiator central heating for over a week now. Dale and his team at Senior Plumbing and Heating did the installation. They did a great job, very friendly, kept us informed of what they were doing and kept everything neat and tidy.I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Senior Plumbing and Heating, if you're looking at installing radiators.
Elsa DorseyElsa Dorsey
12:28 11 Jan 22
Dale from Senior Plumbing and Heating have just finished installing our central heating with 7 radiators for my house and small apartment downstairs. They were very professional, tidy and went the extra mile. Thanks to Dale and his A team. Highly recommended.
Kieran WilsonKieran Wilson
09:08 25 Dec 21
Dale did a good job determining the best fit for our system replacement due to CO entering the air supply. Very knowledgeable and pointed out options that will save us money and keep us safe going forward. He also managed a next day installation to get our heat back on.

Getting A Water Tank Installed

From small residential properties to commercial or industrial properties, Senior Plumbing and Heating can install cold water tanks in a wide range of applications to suit your needs. By using high-grade materials, we are able to guarantee durability and our experienced engineers are keen to monitor things such as roof space to ensure that space is utilized efficiently and the best cold-water tank is used.

What We Use....

We understand that space can sometimes be limited which is why we recommend loft tanks that fit really well in the loft hatch. The tanks we use protect your water from contamination by dust or insects which is why we use a Byelaw 30 kit.

We can replace any outdated tank you might have with a modern one keeping safety a priority. If your loft space is limited, we can install long tanks or coffin tanks which fit well. We can also fit two small tanks in the loft if space is limited even more. The tanks we utilize are supplied with a snap-on lid, a float operated valve (4 ½”) for the overflow and hot water vent pipes, 22mm pipework as a connector, part 2 ball valves (BS1212) and angled service valves.

To top it off, you are covered by 12 months warranty!

To ensure your water outlets receive optimal water pressure, we construct good supporting frameworks for your tank during installation ensuring your tank has good height. For safety, we mount the tank on a firm base and brace it such that it can hold water at maximum capacity without stretching or distorting.

We utilize good materials for the tank such as polyethylene as they provide durability and we have a wide range of sizes to choose from.

Water Tank Repairs Bournemouth

We also do tank repairs and you should consider contacting us if you notice the following:


Also known as header tanks, these tanks supply the central heating circuit with water and accommodate the expansion of water after it is heated by your boiler. We install loft tanks that can hold 18 liters of water going up.

The tanks are manufactured from polyethylene plastic and they can resist the growth of algae. All feed and expansion tanks also come with a Byelaw 30 kit, a ball valve to regulate the water level (½”or ¾”), a snap-on lid, BS1212 ball valve (½”), 22mm compression tank connector, cold feed pipe and open vent pipes.

Other than installations we also conduct heater tank repairs and the most common problems we encounter from Bournemouth and Poole homeowners are:

This happens when the boiler continues to pump even after the central heating or domestic water is turned off. This often happens when the heating systems do not have an Automatic Bypass Valve (ABV) which allows hot water to circulate even when the valves are closed. The header tank could also be set too high.
ball valves are designed to either allow a full water flow or prevent any water flow. The ball has a hole that prevents or allows water to flow through the hole. When issues develop, the flow could be in excess or no water is going through the hole.
The coils are usually in the hot water cylinder where water for the central heating system passes through. A hole can sometimes develop in the coil causing an overflow as the water levels rise in the feed and expansion tank.
The loft space can get very cold during the winter and this freezes the water in the header tank. Frozen water could result in frozen pipes and this might cause leaks. An insulation jacket is often installed to prevent water from reaching freezing temperatures.


Whether it’s a power flush you need, no hot water or a poole boiler service we’re here to help!


We treat your property with the utmost care ensuring no mess or dirt is left behind.



Our aftercare is as important and as professional as our installation.


Before leaving we will ensure you know how your new system works, handing over full documentation and manufacturer’s instructions.


No callout charge! Fast, reliable emergency callout service. We aim to be with you within the hour.